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Thank you for coming to take a look at my work.

My primary photographic interest is nature -- be it birds, wildlife, landscapes, or whatever. As you can see from my galleries here, I'm lucky to be able to spend an extended time on Cape Cod and in South Florida -- both of which have outstanding natural beauty.

Please check back periodically to see what new photos I've been able to post. I will try to place new things in the 'featured galleries' section to make it easy to see what's new.

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I find it best to view these images (as well as the other photos on SmugMug) in journal mode. If you are new to SmugMug, you can set this when you are in a gallery by selecting style: journal from the drop-down list at the top-right of the window. SmugMug will remember this setting until you change it so you won't have to do this for every gallery you visit.

Rick Schofield

P.S. You may also view my High-Definition videos on Vimeo.

Please remember that all photos in these galleries are copyrighted material with all rights reserved.

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